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Listed in ABC Order.
Will be edited from time to time.
Bold+italicized+asterisk * = currently watching.
* = starting next
RW = Rewatch(ing)

Completed Dramas:
49 Days
Athena: The Goddess of War
Bad Guy
Beethoven Virus
Boys Over Flowers
Bridal Mask
Cinderella Man
City Hunter
Coffee House
Dae Mul
Dream High
Dream High 2
Flower Boy Ramen Shop
The Great Queen Seondeok — {RW, EP 39;25:40}
God of Study
Hong Gil Dong 
King 2 Hearts
Lie to Me
Love Rain
Man of Honor
Me Too, Flower
Miss Ripley
My Girlfriend’s a Nine-tailed Fox
My Girl
My Lovely Sam-Soon
Paradise Ranch
Personal Taste
Playful Kiss — {RW: 1}
Protect the Boss
Rooftop Prince
Scent of a Women
Secret Garden
Shining Inheritance 
Shut Up, Flower Boy Band
Stairway to Heaven
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Take Care of the Young Lady
The Moon Embracing The Sun 
The Strongest K-Pop Survival 
You’re Beautiful
You Are My Destiny — {RW, EP 31}
Women in the Sun

Total: 47

Uncompleted Dramas:   
Arang and the Magistrate {EP 5} [Episodes: 20]
Can We Get Married? {EP 7} [Episodes: 16]
Dong Yi — {EP 12} [Episodes: 60]
Dr. Jin — {EP 5} [Episodes: 22]
Flower Boy Next Door {EP 14} [Episodes: 16]
Heading to the Ground [Episodes: 16]
It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter — {EP 3}  
Missing You — {EP 14} [Episodes: 20]
Smile, You
The Musical — {EP 12 ; 13:00} [Episodes: 15]
Time Between the Dog and the Wolf {EP 4} [Episodes: 16]

Currently watching: 4

Dramas planning to watch:
A Gentleman’s Dignity [Episodes: 20]
A Love to Kill [Episodes: 16]
A Thousand Days’ Promise  [Episodes: 20]  
Bachelor’s Vegetable Store [Episodes: 24]
Baker King Tak Goo [Episodes: 30]
Big [Episodes: 16]
Chuno [Episodes: 24] 
City Conquest [Episodes: TBA]
Coffee Prince [Episodes: 17]
Creating Destiny [Episodes: 31]
Dae Jang Geum [Episodes: 54]
Faith [Episodes: 24] 
Fashion King [Episodes: 20]
Fated to Love You [Taiwanese] [Episodes: 24]
Flames of Desire [Episodes: 50]
Ghost [Episodes: 20]
Goong S [Episodes: 20] 
Green Rose [Episodes: 22]
Hello Miss! [Episodes: 16] 
Hooray for Love
I Do, I Do [Episodes: 16]
IRIS [Episodes: 20]
IRIS II [Episodes: 20]
Jumong [Episodes: 81]    
Mary Stayed Out All Night [Episodes: 16]
My Lucky Star [Taiwanese] [Episodes: 20] 
Operation Proposal [Episodes: 16]
Pasta [Episodes: 20]
Queen Insoo [Episodes: 50]
Queen of Ambition [Episodes: 24]
Reply 1997 [Episodes: 16]
Skip Beat [Taiwanese] [Episodes: 15]
Soulmate [Episodes: 22]
The Duo [Episodes: 32]
The Princess’s Man [Episodes: 24]
To Beautiful To You [Episodes: 16]
Tree With Deep Roots [Episodes: 22] 
Vampire Prosecutor [Episodes: 12] 
Warrior Baek Dong Soo [Episodes: 29]

Planning to watch: 39

Completed Movies:
100 Days with Mr. Arrogant 
200 Pounds of Beauty 
A Millionaire’s First Love 
Heaven’s Postman {RW: 1}
Holy Daddy/Won-Tak’s Angel

Completed: 5

Uncompleted Movies:
Fly Daddy Fly
Jackal is Coming
* The King and the Clown 
Virgin Snow
Werewolf Boy

Total: 6

My Top 10 Drama Rankings:
1. The Great Queen Seondeok
2. Bridal Mask
3. King 2 Hearts 
4. Iljimae/Hero
5. 49 Days
6. Shut Up, Flower Boy Band
7. Bad Guy
8. Protect the Boss
9. City Hunter
10. Women in the Sun

Where to watch dramas/movies:
- http://www.dramafever.com
- http://www.viki.com
- http://www.dramacrazy.net
- http://www.epdrama.com
- http://www.mysoju.com
- http://www.kimchidramas.net/
- http://www.natnatvip-online.org

will add more later when I have some more (: